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Want to be a Lyft Driver? — September 18, 2017

Want to be a Lyft Driver?

Lyft Driver Live Snap 01

There is your answer: About $10.15 / hour [10 dollars & 15 cents per hour]

And the hourly rate can be as low as $5 / hour during a slow down.  So, is it worth it?  Just about! Both Lyft & Uber are hardscrabble methods of earning an income. 🙂 It is worth it only if you really have no alternative; in desperate need [when times are hard]; if you want real-time, quick cash in trickles and don’t want to fill out a job application & face an ass in a job interview.  There is no job interview but an extensive background check for sure.  It is worth it if you have all the required tools readily in your hands, which means:

  • A good 4 door vehicle with all paper work in very clean order [Money! Money! Money! And more money!]
  • A good mobile phone & upfront money for an unlimited data plan
  • Of course, gasoline tank filled to the brim

Our tips for you:

  • Only target requests that are within about 10 minutes
    • So, position yourself accordingly because you do not want to be picking someone who is 28 minutes then he/she cancels on you
    • Or you may spend plenty time traveling to pick up someone who will just be taking a quickie around the block, to the liquor store of all places! 
  • Avoid driving after mid-night because good people can do strange things during those hours
  • Avoid driving in the inner city, especially around college students, because:
    • (1) Roads will be rough on you and your car
    • (2) You will be doing plenty short $3 rides [you will be spending much more time driving to pick people up than dropping them off]
  • If you find yourself in the hood [which means a rough neighborhood], turn the damn app off because you will get people with very bad attitudes over there [that is an easy way to get low ratings… Just from experience!]
  • Your radius moves with you, which means you will certainly end up in very rough places [the Lyft algorithm will add clients onto your pick-up bucket without your participation].  

…Then do not forget to clean your car then fill up the gasoline tank every single day.  Also, be prepared for heavy exhaustion from plenty driving around the city as you pick people up and drop them off.  Oh, just be careful of people with a nasty attitude [who just cannot wait to give you a nasty star rating] along the way as you try to help them get home, to work or the beer hall.  Yes! Yes! Be prepared for stinky jackets that will stink your car seats with oily odors from left-over food as well!  …Oh, come on!!! It’s not that baaad.

The best thing about Lyft is of course you get to meet people you would never otherwise have met in your life.  Many people you pick up will genuinely uplift you, put a smile on your face and brighten your day.  With Lyft, you may truly get to overcome all your prejudices, negative attitudes toward people, their skin color, and whatever hurting load you may be carrying around.  Other great issues about Lyft:

  • There is no dreadful job interview & no bothering people for a job reference [only an extensive background check via your Social Security Number & driver’s license]
  • They appear to be honest with their number$
  • The immediacy [you work now, get paid pronto right now!]
  • Drive whenever you want & stop whensoever you please [great for studying!]

God bless the Internet economy because the Internet economy will surely overcome the old-school racist job-interview-job-reference gate-keeping employment system & economy!

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AV / Sound System Engineering / Hi Fidelity Sound for Hotel, Nightclub, Restaurant or Conference Room — August 10, 2017

AV / Sound System Engineering / Hi Fidelity Sound for Hotel, Nightclub, Restaurant or Conference Room


  • Audio-visual / AV technicians & sound engineering that is bullet proof, solid & intense
  • We will also compose easy-to-follow instructions to help you & your staff work in harmony with your audio-visual / sound systems & IT / computer technologies
  • Let the music be crispy crystal clear so people can make a visit to your restaurant, nightclub or business a very special occasion
  • People should be impressed by the music you play for them
  • People should stick around a little longer & spend a little more because the music is really really good!!!

Let us come in & re-work things so your clients will not complain anymore that the sound is too noisy or causing them migraines.  No long forms to fill out, no birth certificates required, no wasting time, no laziness & no ‘selling snake oil’… Just solid tough performance with real-time updates as we work on.  Download an example here please:

Operating the Sound System at King Pin Lanes

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How to Recharge Your Car’s AC System with Refrigerant — August 3, 2017

How to Recharge Your Car’s AC System with Refrigerant

Re-filling the air-conditioning system in your vehicle can be quite a challenging exercise, particularly if it is your first time.  The photo instructions — as written by their respective manufacturers — that come with the cans you purchase from your local store can be very difficult to understand.  We went through the headache for you.  Please download the PDF below.  Thank you so much!

How to Recharge the Vehicle AC System with Refrigerant

~*~ Below are the original cumbersome instructions from a company called A/C Pro ~*~

Recharging Vehicle AC Original Instructions by AC Pro


Recover your Data from an External USB Drive that is Frozen [No Screw Drivers!] — July 7, 2017
How to Install Here Maps [the Offline GPS App] on External SD Storage instead of Internal —

How to Install Here Maps [the Offline GPS App] on External SD Storage instead of Internal

Perform a full side-load [from your computer without connecting to the Internet].  Load the data + map files supporting the Here Maps app from your Windows machine.  Here Maps [was/is also known as HereWeGo Maps] is an offline Global Positioning System [GPS] application.  Offline means your Samsung mobile phone becomes a full GPS device [just like TomTom] without the need to connect to the Internet.  Please download the easy instructions below:

Installing the HereWeGo Maps GPS App on External SD Card

This teaches us how to avoid installing apps to the internal storage [storage that came with the phone device from factory] because we might need that storage space for more important things.

“Is it me or this Google becoming an epidemic?” — July 5, 2017

“Is it me or this Google becoming an epidemic?”

Google Couldn't sign you in

Recently, we have been getting so many calls about Google accounts locking people out like this.  You see: When people establish these email accounts, these accounts become compelling investments and come to have a life unto themselves.  What is devastating is, these fellas over at Google have become very brash & arrogant in style lately.  …They are stonewalling, ignoring you and outright settling scores with their user base.  Someone help them because we smell more & more lawsuits upon Google’s chest! Here is a list of Internet companies who engage in this unfettered arrogance of constantly cornering & locking people out:

Amazon Seller Central & Amazon Pay
2CO also known as 2Checkout

Menus + Graphics + Photography — June 25, 2017
Website Design & eCommerce — April 25, 2017

Website Design & eCommerce

Please check out just a few of our killer websites.  Ultra modern websites that are intelligent enough to notice & respond to different screen sizes [particularly designed for performance on mobile devices].  Now that takes plenty technical expertise!!!
(804) 404-3025 | impietechie@gmail.com / Washington D.C. & Richmond, VA {RVA}

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Please contact us from anywhere on Earth & we can set up your company website & technologies quite quickly.  We cover everything, from heavy duty e-commerce, server/hardware engineering, database administration, coding, down to graphics.

IT & Help Desk / Computer & Website Support [Richmond RVA & Washington DC] — March 26, 2017
Stripe: Reasons to be Careful! —

Stripe: Reasons to be Careful!

If you have been trying to avoid selling on Amazon because of complicated schemes aimed at enriching no one but Amazon by squeezing, tricking and stifling you the merchant, you should also avoid Stripe as a payment gateway system for your eCommerce website.   That is because Stripe appears to be imposing the same rules for selling merchandise as you would encounter on Amazon.  In so many words, Stripe seems to be bank-rolled by Amazon and therefore beholden to Amazon.  Stripe also appears to be nothing more than a fancy relay [re-seller] of Amazon Pay and services provided by Amazon.  If we can save you the headache down the road, we will try our best.  You do not want to invest time integrating the Stripe gateway only to be surprised when your business begins to take off.

If you have tried selling stuff on Amazon, you will know quite early that you cannot sell electronics, beauty products, or anything that is worth selling at all with the very initial “seller” account.  There is practically nothing you can sell on Amazon without upgrading your account to “Professional” status, which means you must be a big spender and that Amazon wants to fulfill your orders for you, which then means Amazon will force you to sign up for the FBA [Fulfilled by Amazon] program by default.  And by the way, have you seen those rolls upon rolls of rules and regulations!  Well, guess what?!  Those strangling rules are the same you will encounter with Stripe.  Please try these link to see for yourself:


Here is a letter from Stripe for your eyes!

Let us assume these rules are necessary… So, you ask yourself, “Is Stripe in the business of accepting and processing credit card payments or enforcing laws?”  You be the judge please.

Just in case you need to know, Stripe is essentially an intermediary between the merchant and financial institutions [banks].  Simply put, Stripe is a payment gateway.  It is a service primarily aimed a software developers who specialize in eCommerce.

All information herein is in the public domain.  Just in case, here is everything to support our thoughts.

Stripe ties to Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS Case Study on Stripe

Prohibitted Businesses on Stripe