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– THERE IS NO FORMAL UPGRADE TO ANDROID KITKAT 4.4.4 for Samsung Galaxy SM-S820L, as of 2016. This is a low end device, which means not much attention will be paid to it!  We did this for you because certain devices [cheap ones for example] have no support whatsoever.  We went through the trouble for you.  So, in case your Galaxy Core Prime gives you difficulties… Please find everything you need here:

IMPIE WORKS: Download Everything for Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-S820L

You must know what “rooting” means and how the Android system works at a high level at the least.

– For TWRP to restore an operating system environment, the previously backed up content must be placed at:

Place content as [if no operating system exists / if no other backup exists]:

Place content as [if another backup has been taken prior]:
– Take note of the zero “0” directory in the path

– Otherwise, you will not be able to revert to the original OEM operating system, Android KitKat in this case
– When you perform a backup with a TWRP recovery ROM, this is the nature of the path and directory that is created
– The actual path is “/data/media/TWRP/BACKUPS”, without the ending suggested folder illustrated
– The folder “25vf5943” is usually created when you use the TWRP recovery to perform [that is, during] a backup process
– The folder “25ac4943” contains all the backup data and structure to support the restoration of the operating system
– In other words, “24ac493” literally identifies your device
– Which means, your backup folder will have a different string of numbers and letters to identify your particular device

– You can use File Manager on the TWRP recovery interface to navigate the files
> Advanced > File Manager > Navigate to the folder or directory you are interested in moving or deleting > Select > [Copy Folder | Move]

– You have to navigate “into folder or directory” to move it, delete it & so forth
– For example, I want to move a folder called “25vf5943”
– I will navigate in this example sequence > [extSdCard] > [myFiles] > [25vf5943]
– As you can see, I went right into the folder [25vf5943] itself, did not stop at [myFiles]
– If you are familiar with command shells, this is not logical or not intuitive but you must get used to it! 🙂

~(“)~ IMPIE TECHIE ~(“)~
Credits & Courtesies: Samsung, Google, Google Apps, OpenGapps.org, XDA-Developers, TWRP, YouTube, CyanogeMod