The single biggest challenge with Microsoft Outlook are those PSTs (Personal Storage Tables), which are never kept in check by the ordinary user till they become unmanageable. It’s best to keep “.pst” files at 20 GB and under or you will run into serious trouble. The current limit is 50 GB as according to our friends at Microsoft.

The next big intellectual challenge with Outlook happens when someone, usually the user, fools around with the profile and data file settings then they lose their address book, contacts and, most of all, the auto-complete feature. The auto-complete feature refers to the lettering {email addresses} that automatically fills up as the user begins to type. Information contained in the auto-complete feature is very temporary and, perhaps, more popular than it’s more stable intermediate solution called “contacts” and permanent solution called “address book”. If you move “.pst” files around chances are you will screw up the auto-complete feature and you will have a tough time with the end user/customer. Personal Storage Tables {file extension is .pst} are databases and databases should always be treated with respect and delicate care.

The best free tool we have used to solve auto-complete, contacts and address book problems is called nk2edit.