1. Apples are popular because they are flashy but have their share of problems. Please view one example that we had with a wonderful gentleman down in Washington D.C. here (scroll to Apple Mavericks): 


2. Walk into a Best Buy store and play with an Apple for a while because there is a learning curve to using Macs. Things do not quite work in the same manner as on Microsoft Windows. Some people find Apple to be very natural but we definitely do not! 🙂

3. Certain applications/programs are only designed for Windows. Make sure all the important software that you use can be installed and run on Mac.

4. It is not entirely true that Apples do not have viruses. It’s just that hackers do not spend as much time cooking up viruses for Macs because they are very few compared to Windows. However, it is true that viruses are the last complaint we technicians expect from Apple users.

4. Let us say you worked on some documents or stuff on Windows, then you saved them on to a USB stick and opened them on a Mac, will they work? What about the reverse, will the Windows machine open them? With Word, Excel and PowerPoint… Yes, but you have to buy the license of Microsoft Office that is designed specifically for Apple.

5. TRUE: Apples are relatively reliable and stable.  FOR PROFESSIONAL/TECHNICAL REASONS: Only Apples are used in the following industries: (i) motion picture/movie production, (ii) music recording studios and (iii) professional graphics design. Only people in these industries ABSOLUTELY CANNOT live without Macs. However, this is argument is becoming outdated because Windows computers have become very fast and stable recently. Microsoft Windows has pretty much closed the gap as of now!

6. You may go ahead and purchase an Apple MacBook simply because you will have fun with variety in your home office.

7. Keep in mind that Microsoft has almost always only built software, not actual hardware or computers. They leave the hardware business to manufacturers like Sony, Dell, HP, Asus, Samsung and so forth. Apple on the other hand is in the business of building both the Apple software and the actual computers, entertainment/portable and mobile devices. In simple terms, Apple has a very tight grip on their products, which leaves consumers of their products married to them for life. 

8. From a technical stand point, real technicians do not care about Macs because we know that they are pure Linux machines. Linux is an open-source and FREE operating system. Which means you can just download an absolutely FREE operating system like Ubuntu and boom… You have something very close to an Apple Mac! Apple simply took Linux, made it flashy, called it Apple OS X and made billions of dollars. Don’t worry about our “beef” with Apple… Just go ahead with your decision based on your feelings and do not forget to smile!

9. In case you are wondering: Yes, we would buy an Apple machine just for the fun of it. Please do let us know because we will be standing guard waiting to hear from you. 🙂