Always a great joy to get a word from you sir and we are certainly honored to work together. You bring a much needed forward-thinking vibe to this city. The final word is that, the operating system has several issues regarding Wi-Fi connectivity. These usually happen after wake up or restart. Among them are:

i) Bluetooth module

ii) Energy Saver module / wake up mode setting

iii) Frequency bands 2.5 or 5.0 Hz / system gets “confused” which mode to use when it wakes up

iv) iCloud keychain

v) System configuration files called .pslist

vi) Order of connection / service set order

vii) System Management Control

viii) Parameter RAM / Non volatile RAM

ix) Some other issue we may not be aware of

All the maneuvers we performed were addressing either ONE of these but, unfortunately, NOT the entire array. It is very unlikely that the hardware {the laptop} itself is the problem. If that were the case, the Wi-Fi icon would have grayed out permanently, which we have encountered quite often. Apple will address these very issues on a case-by-case basis till they address ALL issues in the next update or roll out of their operating system, Mavericks. As a matter of fact, there are many occurrences where we independent professionals are much ahead of their curve because they are stifled by red-tape and various other corporate problems.

EVEN A NEW MAC will eventually run into these issues so long as the operating system has not been updated to address them. Why? Because as the laptop keeps connecting to various wi-fi antennas throughout it’s life, the files and system configurations get cluttered and corrupted.

Why is it not the laptop itself? Because fellow professionals have installed Microsoft Windows & Apple Mavericks side-by-side on the same machine {a Mac} and the Microsoft Windows side was able to connect with no problems whereas the Apple Mavericks side encountered wi-fi problems. And yes, in case you are wondering, you can install Windows 7 or 8 on the same Apple machine. This has been quite a homework so we will catch a nap now. Will wait for your call. Have a beer for the two of us and cheers for now!

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