Website Design & eCommerce — April 25, 2017

Website Design & eCommerce

Please check out just a few of our killer websites.  Ultra modern websites that are intelligent enough to notice & respond to different screen sizes [particularly designed for performance on mobile devices].  Now that takes plenty technical expertise!!!
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Please contact us from anywhere on Earth & we can set up your company website & technologies quite quickly.  We cover everything, from heavy duty e-commerce, server/hardware engineering, database administration, coding, down to graphics.

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Stripe: Reasons to be Careful! —

Stripe: Reasons to be Careful!

If you have been trying to avoid selling on Amazon because of complicated schemes aimed at enriching no one but Amazon by squeezing, tricking and stifling you the merchant, you should also avoid Stripe as a payment gateway system for your eCommerce website.   That is because Stripe appears to be imposing the same rules for selling merchandise as you would encounter on Amazon.  In so many words, Stripe seems to be bank-rolled by Amazon and therefore beholden to Amazon.  Stripe also appears to be nothing more than a fancy relay [re-seller] of Amazon Pay and services provided by Amazon.  If we can save you the headache down the road, we will try our best.  You do not want to invest time integrating the Stripe gateway only to be surprised when your business begins to take off.

If you have tried selling stuff on Amazon, you will know quite early that you cannot sell electronics, beauty products, or anything that is worth selling at all with the very initial “seller” account.  There is practically nothing you can sell on Amazon without upgrading your account to “Professional” status, which means you must be a big spender and that Amazon wants to fulfill your orders for you, which then means Amazon will force you to sign up for the FBA [Fulfilled by Amazon] program by default.  And by the way, have you seen those rolls upon rolls of rules and regulations!  Well, guess what?!  Those strangling rules are the same you will encounter with Stripe.  Please try these link to see for yourself:

Here is a letter from Stripe for your eyes!

Let us assume these rules are necessary… So, you ask yourself, “Is Stripe in the business of accepting and processing credit card payments or enforcing laws?”  You be the judge please.

Just in case you need to know, Stripe is essentially an intermediary between the merchant and financial institutions [banks].  Simply put, Stripe is a payment gateway.  It is a service primarily aimed a software developers who specialize in eCommerce.

All information herein is in the public domain.  Just in case, here is everything to support our thoughts.

Stripe ties to Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS Case Study on Stripe

Prohibitted Businesses on Stripe

WordPress Cannot Install WordFence on GoDaddy — March 17, 2017
WordPress & Windows IIS on GoDaddy Package {Permissions & Errors} —

WordPress & Windows IIS on GoDaddy Package {Permissions & Errors}

Cannot see your images & PDFs in the WordPress Image Gallery? Errors when writing to “wp-content” directory?  Most instructions will tell you to change permissions via some FTP client like FileZilla.  You will not succeed!!!  You will need to access the GoDaddy custom dash so as to control either folders at the File/FTP Management level or at the Windows IIS level.

Permissions at the File/FTP Management Level  [Using the GoDaddy Control Panel]
          – You essentially want your website to be structured like “/wordpress”
– If you want your website structured like “/htdocs/wordpress”, see below

Procedure: [] > Hosting “Manage” > File/FTP management > [Each of your sub-directories, as in “/some-sub-directory/…”, one at a time] > Right click on each folder > Uncheck “Inherit” > Check “Web writable” and/or “Web visible”

Cannot Write Files on GoDaddy 01
You are not allowed to control the top most “/” webroot or  “real root” folder itself because GoDaddy is the highest power!  However, we are provided this option at the file/folder/FTP management level.  Simply put, you will have “Inherit” checked by default because those permissions are pushed down from the top most “/” directory.  Soon after purchasing your Windows IIS package, you will essentially inherit whatever security permissions GoDaddy’s engineers have prescribed upon their Windows IIS installations.

Permissions at the Windows IIS Level [Using the GoDaddy Control Panel]
           – You essentially have your website structured like “/htdocs/wordpress”
– Again, you cannot control the top most “/” webroot

Procedure: Access the Control Panel > IIS Management > Find your [sub]root folder, as in “/htdocs” [notice we do not have a sub below, which means you may choose to create one] > Edit

Cannot Write Files on GoDaddy 02

Top root “/” >> You cannot control within the provided IIS panel, only GoDaddy can
>> Go to File/FTP Management as shown above
>> You essentially want your website structure like “/wordpress/”

Sub root “/subroot” >> You can control within the IIS panel provided
>> You can over-ride the inherited permissions within IIS
>> You may not need to go to File/FTP management as show above
>> You want your website structure like “/htdocs/wordpress”

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Cannot Start Apache Server on XAMPP — March 10, 2017

Cannot Start Apache Server on XAMPP

There are quite a few video instructions online attempting to correct this issue.  However, just as with many videos we watch, they address “the fire” and not what is truly causing the fire itself.  So, they hit and miss, which means you have to go through quite a few videos before you get the idea correctly.  Please download the simple PDF to help you in case you are facing this problem.

Cannot Start Apache Server on XAMPP {Free PDF Download}

— March 6, 2017